Instructions for Authors

Contributions from the all fields of conference scope (natural gas – heat – water) are very welcome:

  • Renewable Energy Sources;
    • Automation, Electro-Energetic;
    • Heating Systems Control;
    • Legal and Technical Regulation;
    • Production and Usage of Biogas;
    • Energetic Efficiency;
    • Environment Protection;
    • Designing, Building, Maintenance, and Control of Gas, Heat, and Water Supply Systems;
    • Natural Gas in Heating and Cooling Systems;
    • Gas Technique;
    • Protection at Work, etc.

The paper should be written in English or Croatian and up to ten A4 pages of text. If the paper is written in Croatian it must contain title and summary in English. Text should be written in Arial, font size 12 pt with double-sided alignment and line spacing 1,15. Pictures should be in .png, .jpg, .gif or .bmp format. Top and bottom margins should be set at 2,5 cm, and the left and right at 2 cm.

MS Word template, that can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page, is mandatory to use for writing your paper.

Papers can be presented oraly or prepared as a poster of sizes 700 × 1000 mm in free form.

Please download the .ppt template from the link on the bottom of this page and use it for preparing your oral presentation.

Template for writing paper
Template for making presentation