About Conference

As an energy source, natural gas has enormous significance for economic and social development, and civilized life in general. The share of its usage in total world energy consumption continues to grow over the past 30 years and currently amounts almost 25%. This is especially pronounced in terms of intense exhaustion and unstable oil market, and very high environmental demand.

Gas usage is not yet implemented in many areas of the Republic of Croatia. In areas where the customers are connected on the gas pipeline system their share is below 50% of total population, which leaves a huge space for gas activities development.

When it comes to energy and environment, the future certainly belongs to the natural gas because of its many features and possibilities of use. More than thirtyfive years of tradition as a source of values, that are systematically strengthening and expanding, makes HEP-Plin Ltd. the most stable region company in natural gas supply and distribution business.

In order to improve the quality of business HEP-Plin Ltd. starts cooperation with the Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Slavonski Brod, J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek in 2003, which has maintained since and strengthens over time. The result of this cooperation is the foundation of the traditional conference ‘Natural gas’, which is held every year in Osijek since 2003. In 2009 conference theme was expanded to the area of heat and water, and in 2010 with the realization of cooperation with Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering, University of Pécs, conference becomes international.

The conference success implies the fact that it gathers more participants every year as well as its response. Last year, more than 300 participants from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia and Serbia attended the conference. In behalf of conference scientific part quality goes the fact that most lecturers are renowned professors from Croatia and abroad, and also successful undertakers that present their plentiful experience from the area of gas, energy, heat and water supply.

The main task of the conference, in addition to formal and informal association and exchange of experiences, is to refresh the existing and give some new knowledge to all who in any way deal with gas, heat and water in different areas of engineering practice, also on scientific and research level.

Conference Chairmen: